Cosmetic Dentistry Reasons to Choose Porcelain Crowns

Posted on: March 16, 2020

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When it comes to porcelain crowns and cosmetic dentistry, there is more use of this procedure for getting patients teeth looking their best. The difference in how porcelain crowns are used comes down to how cosmetic dentistry is different from a general dentist.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Although it may not be very well known, a cosmetic and general dentist are typically not the same. The education and requirements are typically identical for both a general, family or cosmetic dentist. However, the main difference is the name in which they choose to go by. Knowing this should make the choice a bit easier knowing that both are more than qualified in the dentistry field!

The difference for a cosmetic dentist is that they focus on procedures and using different dental processes to enhance the look and aesthetic appeal of a patient's teeth. Even the procedures and processes are the same as a general dentist uses to help repair and ensure the use of a person's teeth. A dental cosmetician will focus much more on the appearance rather than the functionality of the teeth.

This is very similar to a plastic surgeon and a dermatologist. Both have to do with the skin and face, but one will go more in-depth. Both ensure that the skin is at its best. They both just take different approaches.

A cosmetic dentist focuses on looks

The biggest difference when it comes to general dentists and cosmetic dentists is their focus for their patients. A general or family dentist is focused on keeping the natural tooth functioning and the tooth root in place. When a person loses a tooth, they are also losing the natural tooth root, and this can cause other issues to arise. Issues such as the tooth becoming abscessed which, in turn, could cause the infection to go into the bones or even the bloodstream. In the worst cases, it can go as far as getting an infection in your brain.

One of the leading issues that a person who has lost their natural teeth and root can suffer from is the decay of the jaw bone. When a tooth root is missing or has decayed over time, the stimulation that would typically be transferred from chewing and moving the mouth is diminished. This causes the jawbone to decay, and the patient will have the outside of their jaw and mouth begin to sink in.

How cosmetic dentists use porcelain crowns

A cosmetic dentist will use porcelain crowns to enhance the look and aesthetic appeal of a person’s teeth. With new dental technologies, it is easier than ever to blend the look and the crowns coherent appearance. By using this procedure they are also able to ensure a healthy tooth root will be saved and keep the patient's smile looking their best.

Final note

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