A Veneers Dentist Can Restore Your Damaged Teeth

Veneers DentistA veneers dentist can restore your teeth once they have become damaged. Even though teeth are made out of strong enamel, the enamel isn't strong enough to prevent cracks and chips that can be created during a car accident, sporting injury, slip, and fall, or an accident at work. Both children and adults suffer from damaged teeth and fortunately, there is an easy way to make teeth look as good as new.

We help restore our patients' teeth to their natural beauty and have several methods for doing so. One of the most common is to apply a dental veneer to the surface of the tooth. This can be used to correct chips, cracks, close gaps and even straighten teeth. It is an ideal solution after an accident because it can be completed fairly quickly and will blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth.

In order to use a veneer, the existing tooth needs to be in good condition structurally. In other words, the root system needs to be strong and healthy and the tooth must be able to support the new veneer. During a dental exam, our veneers dentist will ensure that the tooth is in good enough shape to have this procedure completed. If not a dental implant may be a more appropriate solution.

Prior to starting the procedure, the veneers will be completed in the lab. Many patients decide to have multiple teeth done at one time so that they can correct cosmetic issues while restoring their damaged tooth. For example, if one of your front teeth was injured you may want to have a veneer placed on your front four or six teeth to create a gorgeous and perfect looking smile. By having your tooth restored and cosmetic issues addressed at the same time you can spend more time enjoying your smile and less time in the dental chair.

Once the veneer or veneers have been created in a dental lab it will be time to have them placed on the front of your existing teeth. The first step in the process is for the veneers dentist to file down your existing teeth and to create grooves on the surface of them. This is important because once the veneer is placed it needs to lay completely flat with your current gum line in order to look and feel natural. The grooves are there to hold the cement glue in place and prevent it from slipping. Once the glue is placed on top of the tooth the veneer is secured to it, positioned correctly, and bonded to your tooth.

The results of the procedure are a restored tooth and a beautiful and natural looking smile. Once the procedure is complete no one will be able to tell that you had any cosmetic dentistry services done. As an experienced veneers dentist, we take the time to match each veneer to your surrounding teeth to make sure that the color and size are absolutely perfect. To learn more call today.

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