What to Ask Your General Dentist About Clear Braces for Teeth Straightening

Clear Braces Burbank, CA

Most people prefer discreet clear braces to traditional ones. These teeth-straightening systems are either clear plastic aligners or ceramic braces. Your dentist can tell you more about them during your consultation. If you want to ask your general dentist about clear braces, here are some questions and the answers to them.

What are the common materials for transparent braces?

The material depends on the type of clear braces the patient prefers. Composite braces have inexpensive composite material. Most dentists do not recommend these braces because they are prone to breakage. This lengthens the orthodontic treatment more.

Resin and ceramic braces are the common materials in clear braces. These materials are transparent and difficult to see. Resin and ceramic are stain-resistant and durable. Clear aligners are plastic teeth-straightening systems. These are custom-fit trays.

Are these braces prone to staining?

The discoloration is one of the major setbacks of wearing clear teeth straighteners. Ceramic brackets are a little resistant to staining. The elastics for attaching wires can stain if the patient consumes foods and drinks with strong tannins. Wearing these braces will mean limiting the consumption of beets, coffee, pasta sauce, curry, or red wine. Consuming tobacco products can stain the wires and brackets. Replacing elastics every six weeks can correct any staining.

Can bottom teeth have transparent braces as well?

This type of teeth-straightening system can align the teeth in the upper and lower dental arches. Regular dental appointments will tighten the elastics and wires. These visits will enable the brackets to pull the teeth into their proper positions. The dentist could recommend metal braces if the patient has severe alignment problems.

Can a general dentist treat an overbite with colorless braces?

An overbite is a condition in which the upper dental arch extends forward to the point of covering the lower dental arch. Clear braces can treat underbites, overbites, and crossbites. These braces can correct these bite issues if the issues spring from poor positioning. This teeth alignment system can also close large spaces between teeth.

How discreet are colorless braces?

Clear braces blend well with the patient’s natural teeth. They are difficult to see once the patient wears them. These braces will be noticeable if they have stains. Clear aligner trays are even more challenging to detect.

Will teeth hurt during the treatment?

Many patients experience a little pain for three days or so after wearing the clear braces. This is a normal sensation. This means the braces are starting to work on the teeth. The teeth are moving toward their proper places. This discomfort will fade before coming in for tightening. For clear aligners, the pain fades when it is almost time to change trays.

Clear braces can align your teeth in a discreet way

Wearing traditional metal braces can be awkward and painful. Adolescents and adults often prefer invisible braces or clear aligners. These are alignment systems capable of treating dental gaps, bite problems, and dental misalignments without screaming for attention. An appointment with your general dentist can determine if you are a good candidate for clear braces.

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