Why Clear Braces Are a Popular Option for Teeth Straightening

Clear Braces Burbank, CA

For individuals with crooked or misaligned teeth, a dental provider may recommend wearing braces as a corrective treatment. Patients may be able to choose between clear braces or metal braces, depending on the condition of the teeth and mouth. Though the overall goal of straightening the teeth is one reason many pursue braces, there are several reasons why individuals choose clear brackets over traditional brackets and wires.

Clear teeth straightening options

The thought of wearing braces often conjures images of middle or high school students, as this is a prime age bracket for straightening the teeth. However, many adults who want straighter, more uniform smiles do not want to look like an old yearbook photo. Instead of highly visible metal braces with rubber bands and wires, clear aligner trays and ceramic brackets are popular alternatives. Though a dental provider would need to be consulted prior to pursuing one of these treatments, there are several benefits that drive interest in these orthodontic solutions.

Comfortable process

Straightening the teeth can take months or years before achieving the desired result, as they need to be shifted slowly to minimize discomfort. Clear aligners are different from the work of metal brackets, as these are custom-fit trays that slide completely over the teeth. The trays apply the necessary pressure at a consistent but comfortable pace to move the teeth. As progress occurs, new trays that fit the new alignment are swapped in to continue pushing the teeth. With ceramic brackets, the effect is the same as that of metal brackets, but there is increased durability with the tough ceramic material.

Clean appearance

The look of traditional braces can cause people to shy away from pursuing teeth straightening treatments, but clear trays remove that concern. At a distance, the clear aligners are nearly invisible, leaving little trace of the orthodontic device. There is also less worry about long-term effects on the appearance of the teeth, as metal brackets can make it difficult to thoroughly clean. The clear trays are removed for both eating and oral hygiene. Clear braces have less visibility than shiny metal brackets, but the wires can still be noticeable. At a distance, ceramic brackets are much harder to see.

Convenient diet

Wearing metal braces comes with dietary restrictions, many of which can be difficult to maintain the entire treatment process. Hard, crunchy foods need to be avoided, as well as sticky candies, gum, or other chewy foods. It is more convenient to eat with clear trays, as the individual takes the trays out for eating and drinking. This means a person can eat whatever they want without fear of damaging the appliance. To avoid staining the teeth or building up bacteria or plaque, it is recommended that you brush prior to reinserting the trays after eating. Ceramic braces require care when eating, just like normal metal braces.


A primary reason for choosing clear braces is the overall appearance during the treatment plan. However, as there can be different uses for clear braces, it is best to clarify a teeth straightening option through a dental provider.

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